Our Services

Service is the main focus of our business next to safety. We cannot improve the product that we deliver, but we can and will provide the very best service on time, every time. At Newman Transport, LLC, we realize that if we do not do it right the first time, there is no second chance.

Newman Transport, LLC currently services hundreds of retail and fleet fueling stations in the Gulf Coast region with the majority being in South Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We employ a team of expertly crafted dispatchers and a state-of-the-art software system, Digital Fuel Solutions (DFS), to give you peace of mind. We understand how important it is to know where your product is and exactly when it will be delivered.

Our Team

Meet some of our team – These drivers are just a few of the stars working hard to get your fuel delivered safely during these trying times. Here at Newman Transport, we work hard to provide the highest quality of service to deliver fuel on time, every time.

We are also a wholesale distributor of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) through our sister company, Madison Oil Company.
We provide clean and compliant DEF at a competitive price for fleet, retail, and commercial applications. Please message or call for more details. Bulk storage options available through 55 gallon drums, totes, and hand or electric pumps are available.
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24/7 Dispatch

Our dispatch teams works around the clock to guarantee the fulfillment of our customers orders.

Company Advertisement

Dedicated trailers can be wrapped with your company’s logo. Imagine the possibilites when your company’s name is driven across the Gulf South daily!

Auto-Schedule Deliveries

Working with DFS, Newman Transport can manage all or part of your inventories depending on how involved you would like to be. This will reduce your worries of fuel management.

Product Tracking

We have real time visual tracking of the location of our vehicles and drivers. Our constant knowledge of the location of our fleet helps ensure customer delivery satisfaction, and improves delivery efficiency.

Avoid Run-outs

Our dispatchers can react to sudden emergencies to make sure you avoid running out. DFS has a load generator that alerts our dispatchers when your station reaches it refill point.

Green Initiative

Reduce paper usage by choosing from our electronic options. These include emailing invoices and delivery confirmations and our Cash Management system so writing and mailing checks is not necessary.